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Latex Guide – Buying, Wearing, Maintaining

An old but still very valuable latex guide submitted by Sam J. Origin unknown. For information on getting your latex out there we recommend the Fetish Club Guide

Natural rubber comes from the sap of cultivated timber on plantations in Asia and Africa. Before 1839, rubber wasn’t very famous for something different then erasers; it become very unstable: rock tough in the winter, gummy in the summer.

Then Mr. Goodyear came along (yes, like the tire makers, although the enterprise was named in his honour, it became now not founded by using him) and, after many years of experimentation, accidentally determined a way to stabilize it through mixing chemical compounds with the sap and then heating it.

It’s that process, referred to as vulcanization no trekkie jokes please that offers the latex it’s smell, texture and it’s diploma of hardness.

As I have most effective been wearing latex for 4-5 years maximum, I figured I may lack experience in a few regards. Therefore I appeared up Polymorphe’s number at the internet and Mario (the owner) became very great and agreed to meet me. I’ll run this thru with him to make sure the entirety is accurate. I might have favored to do this before the release of the site, however due to time restrictions, I couldn’t. I will but try to do it this week.

Before buying

Before you buy your first piece of latex, there are a couple of things you need to recognize, considering latex is a bit like a high maintenance date. It looks notable but is highly-priced, fragile and complicated to care for. Plus, because it’s impermeable, it will create a movie of sweat on your pores and skin as you put on it, what a warm date might do as nicely, but for different reasons. However, that may be a switch on for more then one person. I myself discover it very attractive and love the feeling (of the latex and the new date).

But, to be fair, I’ll say that after you understand the way to care properly for it, it’s going to prove nicely worth your investment because it’s the only component that’ll make you look your first-rate (in my humble opinion) I mean; consider it, it’s shiny, tight and hides frame faults! So it does require patience, but is worth it.

Putting latex on

Well, now that you’ve observed the latex outfit of your dreams, and probably took place to spend a small fortune on it, the first component to recognize approximately it’s miles that it’s greater fragile than it looks. So whilst you put it on, be gentle to avoid screams and tears. Some human beings even endorse placing on cotton gloves (just like the ones ladies wear at night time to keep the cream in) but I personally find that a chunk a whole lot. One of the tricks I’ve discovered is to avoid putting on latex if I’m late due to the fact pulling too enthusiastically on it might create everlasting dimples.

When you’re equipped to position it on, you may get the assist of a couple of products to slide in without difficulty, as described bellow. (Note: You can find a designated review of the distinct manufacturers of the products ultimately detailed here World à Reviews à Products à Latex )


Talc is a mineral, with no organic agent. When you pick out your talc, pick the one with finer grains, as it might be smoother at the pores and skin and simpler if you want to get in the latex. Try to live away from perfumed talc, as you could in no way make certain if it won’t react with the latex as it’d contain metals or different dangerous matters.

The disadvantage of the usage of talc is that it gets everywhere across the garment and you later should easy the mess. When if I use talc, I do it over the bathtub, so it’s no longer a problem.

Warning: strive now not to respire it too a great deal. It doesn’t dissolve within the human frame and if you breathe huge quantities, it’s going to get in your lungs and simply sit down there. If it’s in small quantities there’s nothing to worry about (you’ll cough it up) however accumulating residue may be awful.

Some like cornstarch, however it’s no longer a good long-term solution, considering the fact that cornstarch will dissolve in sweat and be absorbed by using the latex. It’s natural, so it helps the boom of bacteria and fungus. Also some research seem to indicate it’d motive an allergic reaction to latex. Use most effective as an emergency solution.

Silicone is a awesome way to make your latex shine and lube it at the identical time. However it is almost impossible to easy without using products that could damage the latex (like Simple Green) and the more “oily” manufacturers can get into seems, peeling zippers far from clothes (reputedly it receives at the glue) or making it more difficult to repair. But I did hear human beings say they efficiently repaired their stuff even concept they use silicone. I use it simplest on moulded latex to keep away from any problem.

If you so pick out to use silicone, then don’t use talc. First you won’t want it for the reason that silicone ought to be enough to lube and second they don’t mix well and will make the latex look gummy.

Those are high-quality to help you slip without problems to your latex. I’ve heard of the use of baby shampoo as lube, so when you are taking it off you most effective want to go within the shower and wash it off for your garment to be clean, however I wouldn’t advocate it given that having soap in opposition to your latex for an entire evening, even moderate cleaning soap, could be harmful to the precious fabric.

Some lubes claim to also circumstance the latex and act as a talc alternative for storage. I used talc up to recently, however I’ve started the use of Cult Eros conditioner. I’ll can help you recognize how it goes. So far I discover it much better since I don’t need to clean my clothes earlier than I placed them on. I slide proper in and just shine the latex, et voilà!

The cheapest lube I’ve observed up to now is j-lube, which is available in a concentrated powder which you mix with water. You need so little in an effort to have a very good lube that it’s the nice component to buy, specially on a tight budget.

Muratic Acid

Now, I’ve heard some people communicate about Muratic Acid or chlorine bleach, that you use on your latex to make it powder less. I strongly recommend in opposition to this for the reason that if badly mixed it can ruin your latex and the gasses may absolutely kill you.

Once your made of predilection has been chosen, apply to the garment and/or in your body and slide proper in! If you discover it tough to place the latex clothing on, follow extra talc or lube or verify that the size of the garment is appropriate. Once you’re in, you could cast off any excess with a wet cloth.

Shining latex

The first-class way I’ve discovered to polish my clothes is to first follow some conditioner (I use Cult) and wait until it receives absorbed (this could take some time so do it the day before you exit and go away it overnight). Then use a shiner and spray on the latex. (If you could, do it on a carpeted region since it makes the floor VERY slippery) I pick Cult myself on that one as well. It’s pretty steeply-priced however I parent that considering the fact that my latex is pricey to my heart, might as nicely splurge a bit. Then I use a tender cotton cloth (a harsh fabric will depart trails within the product and no longer come up with as appropriate a shine) and I simply barely brush the floor with it in downward strokes. You don’t need to be putting off it, just smoothing it evenly. Then if you have cats, pray they don’t come close to.
I’ve been informed that the greater you shine the latex, the shinier it will get in time, but I haven’t owned any latex for more then two or 3 years and have no longer observed a huge difference.

Note: I’m starting an experiment with latex pieces and distinct shiners, soaps and conditioners. I’ll create a new “blog” phase with updates of what happens.

Washing latex

Perspiration, pollution, nicotine and endless other things work against your latex and eats at it. So it is very crucial if you need to maintain your latex for a long term to scrub it everytime once you put on it.

When you return from the club (in case you are not absolutely shit-faced) take off your garments as quickly as possible (yeah, that’s right you perv) to wash them. If you’ve got hassle taking them off, you may hop in the shower to help you. It’s awesome, however be careful of this method if your latex has lots of metal on it. It might be stainless, but you’re still helping corroding it faster. Also, you must ensure that the glue the latex is prepare with is not water soluble (ask the maker, you in no way recognise)

Use a very slight cleaning soap, like baby shampoo soap, when you consider that even the soap, given sufficient time, can get at the latex.

Then either towel dry it (however ensure you don’t have a towel that produces lint) or unfold on a uniform floor and leave to dry, setting some conditioner or lube to make sure it doesn’t keep on with itself while drying. I always dry mine with a towel to avoid the latex sticking together.

Another method I have not begun to strive is the washing device. The first vicinity I’ve seen it mentioned become on the Latex Lair, a post made by Martin, so I expect it’s not a bad idea, despite the fact that I might never have guessed. Since then, I’ve visible different human beings write about it, and I’ve compiled the data to have the following guide:

Put the latex in a wash bag for lingerie. Put inside the washing system making sure the cycle is at GENTLE. Avoid tumbling. Pour a touch amount of dish washing cleaning soap Add a couple of towels for safety. Once it’s finished, you could take the towels and the bag and positioned inside the dryer at air simplest (no heat). To prevent your latex from sticking, use a bit bit of lube or conditioner on the latex before putting it back within the bag. Don’t forget the bag or you’ll turn out to be with the indoors of the drying machine blanketed in goo 😉

Storing latex

Either positioned talc or conditioner for your latex to prevent it from sticking. If you don’t get to put on latex often, you need to hold it in a dry, cool and dark vicinity. Preferably folded or rolled, no longer hanged because it’d stress the latex and distort it (if you have creases when you spread it, really let sit down a bit bit in water a little warmer then lukewarm. Just like us after a worrying day, the garment will relax and be prepared to go out) in case you put it in a bag, ensure it’s a bag made with a natural fabric, plastics and such could be awful because it might react with the latex and will also preserve it from breathing, as a consequence encouraging mould and bacteria increase, possibly creating what is called THE DREADED WHITE STUFF!! (DWS) But with sufficient time, it is my enjoy that white patches will pretty much inevitably appear because the rubber oxydates. The simplest answer I know to restore the latex is to rub silicone at the white spot.

Tips and tricks

NEVER EVER put an oil/petroleum-based product on your latex. It will melt it, identical as condoms.
NEVER EVER placed your latex in touch with copper. It will permanently discolour it, specially black garments.
NEVER EVER allow your latex near a heat source. It will completely harm it.

Don’t shop your latex in a lit or sun exposed location. The solar will discolour it. Regular tungsten lamps mild are fine, but attempt to keep within the dark.

Avoid setting on if the latex is bloodless. Let it warm at room temperature first. Besides, it’s higher for you that way. Who likes putting on bloodless latex anyway?

Try no longer to place your latex in lengthy-time period touch with metals or plastic. You never understand what they can be made of that might harm your latex.

If you’ve got lengthy hair like me, try not to place the garment over your head. If you have to do it, placed your hair in a bun first, or they might get stuck and terrible matters to the latex would possibly arise even as looking to get out/in.

Although it is stated to by no means put on latex with another fabric like leather or vinyl (they can have merchandise at the floor that makes them harmful to the latex), I truly permit myself to do it if there’s a piece of cloth among the latex and the opposite piece of apparel. For instance most PVC corset could have a sating lining, so the latex doesn’t actually contact the PVC.

Latex is hygroscopic (it absorbs liquid) and while it does so, your latex will appear whiter wherein it absorbed water. Don’t panic, it’ll return to normal because it dries out (as I located out now not too long ago, to my tremendous relief).
Beware of lengthy nails or jewellery, the ones can pierce your latex

When placing on stockings, socks or tights, you can roll them first and then unroll them in your legs. It’s a top notch trick to prevent any tear or dimple.

The buddy approach is very green for latex too, now not simply hypothermia. It’s an awful lot less difficult and extra fun to position on latex with someone else. Except perhaps your grandma.

Don’t grasp your latex clothes. Because of the strain as a result of the weight, it could stretch them out of shape.
If you’re going to use lubes with a catsuit, sock, stockings or tights, you might want to avoid putting some lube on the feet, or if you do, put boots on before you get up. If not, the lube may make your latex slippery inside and it’s hard to walk, making it smooth to fall.

For quite tons the same reason, in case you take off a catsuit with feet within the bathe, first take a seat inside the bathtub before you begin the water, as to now not slip. I recognise, demise in latex is quite glamorous and also you get to put on it forever, but wouldn’t you alternatively be able to wear another latex suit subsequent week as a substitute then die in it now? What if you’re not certain of the colour?

If you ever make a dimple within the latex, you can seemingly practice warmth from a handheld hairblower at a 15-30 cm distance but I have no longer yet tried that trick.